New playground equipment, senior trip, a new school library.  These are just a few of the projects made possible through fund raising with Zak's.  When you choose Zak's, you choose quality, integrity and value.

With a product list that evolves to current availability, our cheddar and sausage to and custom popcorn, Zak's delivers exceptional goodness in every product.  No one does cheese and sausage quite like Wisconsin.  And Zak's selects the best of the best for its fund raising selections.  And who knows corn like Iowa?!  We go to the best to get the best.

With Zak's Cheese fund raising, you are going to see the ease and simplicity that fund raising can be with NO MINIMUM ORDER!  From kick-off to delivery, we are here for you.  We offer Free Prizes, Free Samples and Free Materials.  Give us a call today to start the fund raiser you and your community are going to love.

Below are a couple of documents to get you started and pictures of some of the products we offer in our fund raiser.  We cannot wait to hear from you.
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Monday - Saurday  10-6
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Zak's String Cheese, 16oz.  A natural, mild, stringable cheese that's fun to eat.  String it and eat it or bread it and fry it.  Low fat, low calorie and low sodium - it's the healthy, fun-filled snack.
Beef Summer Sausage, 12oz.  America's finest summer sausage.  Keep several on hand for spur-of-the-moment occasions.
Zak's Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, 22oz.  America's most popular cheese!  This mild cheddar is aged the old-fashioned way and specially selected for its mellow flavor and delicate textures.  Great favorite in sandwiches, salads and casseroles.
Zak's Wisconsin Jalapeno Cheese, 22oz.  Hot, but not overwhelming.  Especially nice on nachos.
Zak's Wisconsin Ranch Cheese, 22oz.  The kid's call it  "Dip Cheese" because of it's ranch flavor.  Try it in soups, salads or all by itself.
Zak's Wisconsin Salami Cheese, 22oz.  Real men eat salami chese from Zak's.  Preferred snack of armchair quarterbacks and hard-workin' husbands everywhere.
Triple Treat, 1lb 8oz.  A trio of Zak's favorites.  Mild Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheese and All-beef Summer Sausage.
Family Favorites, 2lbs 7 oz.  Zak's finest makes the perfect gift.  One-half pound of Salami Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, All-beef Summer Sausage and All-beef Salami plus 7 oz. of Gouda Cheese.
Zak's Cheese Fudge with Nuts, 8oz.  A full half-pound of double-rich chocolate walnut fudge.  Made by hand with only natural ingredients and no preservatives.  This old Danish recipe has no equal.
Zak's Fudge Plain, 8oz.  A full half-pound of double-rich chocolate fudge.  Smooth texture and delicious flavor.  Indulge yourself with this classic favorite.
Smooth Melty Mints, 12 oz.  Festive, creamy and fresh.  Zak's mints are perfect for parties, snacks and holidays.
Summer Sausage Snack Stix, 5 oz.  No refrigeration needed.  The take-anywhere, grab-anytime treat your family will love.
Zak's Honey Roasted Peanuts, 12oz.  Vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness.  Zak's knows these nuts can be habit forming.
Zak's Peanut Brittle, 8oz.  Buttery, Handmade, always a Christmas favorite.  Reminds you of the kind Grandma used to make.
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